Our Project:

   Tremedal Concerts, brought to you by

The Watertown-El Salvador Sister City Project

Tremedal Concerts is a benefit for the Watertown – El Salvador Sister City Project.  Proceeds after expenses support our sister community in El Salvador, Nueva Esperanza, and regional projects in Chalatenango Province. The original relationship was with a neighboring community called Tremedal. The community was repopulated in 1989, mainly by people who returned from refugee camps in Honduras, where some had lived for as long as 8 years during the civil war.

After the war, a significant number of the residents established a brand new community, Nueva Esperanza, whose name in English means New Hope. We have retained the original name for our concert series. We are in our 26th season and we are still enthusiastically bringing great music, delicious refreshments, and unique Salvadoran crafts  and coffee to Watertown.

Our main ongoing support project is to cover education costs for all children in the community. This includes books, uniforms, school supplies, tuition, and transportation costs when necessary. In addition to elementary and secondary school students, we have sponsored the education of five university students.

Members of our group visit the community as often as possible. When you visit our Web site in the future, we will provide updates and include photographs from the community.

Other projects we have supported in the past include truck repairs, medical supplies, doors and windows for the new homes for each family, regional organizing for youth, and disaster relief and political advocacy around issues that affect Nueva Esperanza and the region.

Our project is one of many such sister relationships nationwide. For more information about our national organization and current efforts to support the People of El Salvador, please visit the web site of the US-El Salvador Sister Cities National Office.

Please call Dean Stevens at 617 869-3014 or by email: dean@deanstevens.com, if you would like more information on either concerts or the Watertown-El Salvador Sister City Project.



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